Air compressorAir Compressors are commonly used around the house for all sorts of DIY tasks. All sorts of things like stapling or using a nail gun, maybe you need to inflate your car tyres, do some air brush painting or drill a few holes in the wall?

If you need to do any of the above then you will find an air compressor can really help with the job!

You will not use the air compressor to use more than one tool at a time, and large volumes of air will not be required, so a small air compressor from Warrior Power Products would be ideal for the job.

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If you are a DIY Fanatic or a Handy Man Extraordinaire then Warrior Power Products would recommend a smaller air compressor unit for you, as larger air compressors will require a substantial ampage supply of electricity.

The great thing about the smaller air compressors is that they are easy to manoeuvre with wheels and handles to assist.

It is important to bear in mind that a high initial current supply is required to start up the machine; sadly longer cables can reduce the capacity to supply sufficient power, so be cautious when choosing the air compressor for your needs.

If you are unsure of the right air compressor for you then why not call Warrior Power Products and see how they can help!