Constructing-A-Homemade-GeneratorA Scottish man has been accused of “recklessly producing household electricity” with a bizarre home-made generator at his home in Dundee.

Charles McKenzie is alleged to have created a “dangerous transformer assembly” at his flat in Dundee’s Dudhope Court to generate power.

Mr McKenzie, 55, did not show his face at Dundee Sheriff Court to undergo the charge of culpable and reckless conduct.

Sheriff George Way carried on the case without plea for a number of weeks. The charge alleges Mr McKenzie “culpably and recklessly” produced electricity through a home-made generator “with total disregard for the safety of yourself and others”.

Sheriff Way asked: “I don’t quite understand – how does one culpably and recklessly produce electricity?”

Fiscal depute Laura Bruce said: “The Crown’s position is that he had this man-made assembly in his house suspended from the ceiling by thin ropes. There was a car battery and cans of petrol nearby.”

What Mr McKenzie obviously didn’t know is that he can get a generator suitable for his home without breaking the bank. The home-made generator can’t have been safe and healthy. The generators that are professionally built are safe, don’t destroy the environment and won’t annoy the neighbours.

The 5.5Kva Silent Diesel Generator is a perfect example of this. It is made by one of the world’s leading diesel generator companies, so you know it’s going to be well made. The generator has a steady motor speed with excellent foremissions which in turn gives an environmentally friendly generator along with a low noise. Its heavy-duty industrial frame design provides full protection and aids portability. The generator is also suitable for running power tools and lighting units etc. so it’s perfect for use in your home.

So the next time you think about making your own generator like Mr McKenzie did, I suggest you think again.

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