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We have had hot dry days and some hot wet days and some cold wet days, the hose pipe has been in and out the garage more times than you’ve had an ice-cream this Summer. The weather has been completely unpredictable, hot sun, heavy wet showers, thunderstorms and hail all in one day, followed by wine in the garden watching the gorgeous sunset.

There has to be an easier way then dragging your hosepipe in and out of the garage, the long hose being wrapped around your arm, covering you in mud, grass and water that the hose had dragged up from the garden. Then, when getting the hosepipe out of the garage just one day later, it’s all tied up in a knot again, even though you spent 2hrs ensuring it wouldn’t be.

There must be an easier way?

Well now there is, Warrior Power Products have the solution with their Retractable Water Hose Reels available in 20m or 28m, and bright green in colour.

They save you dragging the long hose pipe across the garden, ripping out plants in its trail, wrapping it around your arm and covering yourself and your clothes in mud, grass, plants and weeds. Also this saves you the 30 minutes at the end of all your gardening week hauling the hose pipe around.

A Retractable Water Hose Reel also helps you to keep your garden looking nice and tidy.

A Retractable Water Hose Reel also keeps your hose pipe from being constantly trampled on, which can cause a lot of damage to the hose in regards to general wear and tear. It also keeps the hose pipe out the way of the great damage that a lawn mower can cause, and it’s safely tucked away from the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

The 20m and 28m Retractable Water Hose Reels are lightweight, offering portable or wall mounted. They are supplied with a spray gun and tape adapter. These ideal retractable water hose reels have the auto stop and auto rewind facility for builders and gardeners alike.

Both Retractable Water Hose Reels offer 6 bar working pressure and 12 bar burst pressure.

Retractable Water Hose Reels should be an essential part of your garden, if you don’t already have one you definitely need one. There is nothing worse than an unsightly giant uncoiled snake ruining your neatly, freshly trimmed garden.

The Retractable Water Hose Reels are not expensive either, with the 20m costing just £37.49 and the 28m just £59.99.

Warrior Power Products have lots of other great garden products and tools, along with power tools, compressors and generators.


Warrior Power Products have some great generators and even greater prices available, both petrol generators and diesel generators. There are advantages and disadvantages of both Diesel Generators and Petrol Generators; first, in this article we will discuss the advantages of a Diesel Generator and then we will continue with the disadvantages of a Diesel Generator. This article will then end with a fantastic Diesel Generator that Warrior Power Products have available, with a huge 33% off.

Diesel is the least flammable fuel source, it is easily obtained and on-site fuel delivery can be available. Diesel Generators tend to be less expensive to operate with the general rule of thumb for fuel consumption being 7% of the rated generator output.

  • Diesel Generator are the most widely used generator systems, they don’t use as much fuel as other types of generators and are highly fuel efficient.
  • Diesel Generators require less maintenance because they do not have spark plugs or carburettors resulting in less need for parts replacements, regular oil changes will ensure that the Diesel Generator runs smoothly.
  • Diesel Generators are a safer option than other generators because they work on a ‘direct injection principle’ cancelling out the need for the spark plug on the engine, therefore less chance of a fire starting.
  • Diesel Generators also have a longer and better shelf life than other generators on the market.

However there are disadvantages to a Diesel Generator and the main disadvantage is that these Diesel Generators tend to be much nosier and give off a lot of smoke; they tend to be harder to get going in colder weather too.

Because of their high energy capacity Diesel Generators tend to be mainly used on industrial applications.

Warrior Power Products have a great range of Diesel Generators available including the 3kva Diesel Generator at just £333.33 before VAT, which currently have 33% off the RRP (recommended retail price).

The 3kva Diesel Generator has a heavy duty industrial frame which provides protection and aids portability, it is ideal for running power tools and lighting units. This item is a powerful and reliable generator which is fitted with maintenance-free brushless alternator and a manual pull start with key start electronic ignition. It’s a smooth running unit fitted with anti-vibration mountings, low oil cut-out feature and fuel gauge.

Warrior Power Products are also offering a free Spanner Set to all customers when they purchase this product (the 3kva Diesel Generator) on line.

Warrior Power Products have three amazing new products that are brand new to their website. They are three versions of the incredible capable hydraulic bottle jack.

The first is the 20 ton professional Hydraulic Bottle Jack which has a lifting capacity of twenty tons and lifts from 242mm to 521mm, available from just £53.99 inc vat.

The second option is the 10 ton Professional Hydraulic Bottle Jack with a ten ton lifting capacity, lifting from 220mm to 483mm for sale through Warrior Power Products at just £39.59 inc vat.

The third option available in the brand new products available from Warrior Power Products is a cheaper version of the previous item. It is a ten ton hydraulic bottle jack costing just £23.99 inc vat, it has a lifting capacity of 10 tonnes and can lift from 230mm to 400mm.

The Warrior Power Products website is constantly updated with new products that Warrior Power Products have available, including diesel generators, petrol generators and air compressors all available at fantastic prices. The new air compressors currently on order are BM-50L, VLF-50L and the BM-24L, details of these products and more can be found on the website.

Warrior Power Products is one of the UK’s suppliers of Ladders, Garden Equipment and Power Products; they have been operating in the Northwest of England since 2008.

All the products available from Warrior Power Products have been purchased directly from the manufacturer to a very high detailed specification, they have stringent production in place along with bulk buying power ensuring that they can offer the most competitively priced products on the market.

Warrior Power Products have so much confidence in the quality of their product range that they offer a two year warranty as standard, on all products purchased on line. Additional one, two and three year warranties are also available when purchasing products from Warrior Power Products.

Why not apply to join the Warrior Power Products newsletter where you can be the first to get the discount codes, to save even more many when buying from Warrior Power Products.