Air compressorAir Compressors are commonly used around the house for all sorts of DIY tasks. All sorts of things like stapling or using a nail gun, maybe you need to inflate your car tyres, do some air brush painting or drill a few holes in the wall?

If you need to do any of the above then you will find an air compressor can really help with the job!

You will not use the air compressor to use more than one tool at a time, and large volumes of air will not be required, so a small air compressor from Warrior Power Products would be ideal for the job.

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If you are a DIY Fanatic or a Handy Man Extraordinaire then Warrior Power Products would recommend a smaller air compressor unit for you, as larger air compressors will require a substantial ampage supply of electricity.

The great thing about the smaller air compressors is that they are easy to manoeuvre with wheels and handles to assist.

It is important to bear in mind that a high initial current supply is required to start up the machine; sadly longer cables can reduce the capacity to supply sufficient power, so be cautious when choosing the air compressor for your needs.

If you are unsure of the right air compressor for you then why not call Warrior Power Products and see how they can help!


FI-stormy-weatherWind, rain, snow … whatever the weather, be prepared.

The future is unpredictable and with the latest swarm of rain and floods across the nation, there is no time like the present to be prepared for the worse. I don’t mean you should go crazy by locking your doors and stocking up at the supermarket. I simply mean you should prepare for the cold of the winter nights by having a plan B.

That plan B is a generator. Hospitals, dairy operations and businesses that bank on 100% reliability all have standby generators that kick in the moment utility power drops out. The same could happen with your home, and whether the rain or even snow decides to ruin your utilities then you don’t have to suffer.

If you can afford a permanent home power plant at your home when problem strikes then you don’t need to worry but if like most, you find that expensive there is an alternative. A portable generator sized to your needs can provide effective and reliable insurance against everything from inconvenience to sheer disaster.

The weather can quite easily and unexpectedly affect your home and the simplest things, such as warmth and light, can be taken away from you. But with a generator, either petrol or diesel, you won’t have to worry about being left in the dark.

When choosing your generator even less obvious factors are important: Quiet operation, fuel consumption, running time per full tank, and working weight are all significant when you’re faced with actually using the tool. So you’ll want one that ticks all the boxes and is can be relied on.

There are many generators on the market and a lot can be used either at home or for work purposes but it is important you get one that is adequate enough to do the job you need it for. One example is the 3.2Kva Petrol Generator that can be used pretty much anywhere and would more than do the job when the weather decides it’s your houses turn to suffer a utilities drop out. It’s portable, easy to use and reliable. To top it off it’s got a lot lower noise than many other generators so you can still watch your favourite film in peace.

Constructing-A-Homemade-GeneratorA Scottish man has been accused of “recklessly producing household electricity” with a bizarre home-made generator at his home in Dundee.

Charles McKenzie is alleged to have created a “dangerous transformer assembly” at his flat in Dundee’s Dudhope Court to generate power.

Mr McKenzie, 55, did not show his face at Dundee Sheriff Court to undergo the charge of culpable and reckless conduct.

Sheriff George Way carried on the case without plea for a number of weeks. The charge alleges Mr McKenzie “culpably and recklessly” produced electricity through a home-made generator “with total disregard for the safety of yourself and others”.

Sheriff Way asked: “I don’t quite understand – how does one culpably and recklessly produce electricity?”

Fiscal depute Laura Bruce said: “The Crown’s position is that he had this man-made assembly in his house suspended from the ceiling by thin ropes. There was a car battery and cans of petrol nearby.”

What Mr McKenzie obviously didn’t know is that he can get a generator suitable for his home without breaking the bank. The home-made generator can’t have been safe and healthy. The generators that are professionally built are safe, don’t destroy the environment and won’t annoy the neighbours.

The 5.5Kva Silent Diesel Generator is a perfect example of this. It is made by one of the world’s leading diesel generator companies, so you know it’s going to be well made. The generator has a steady motor speed with excellent foremissions which in turn gives an environmentally friendly generator along with a low noise. Its heavy-duty industrial frame design provides full protection and aids portability. The generator is also suitable for running power tools and lighting units etc. so it’s perfect for use in your home.

So the next time you think about making your own generator like Mr McKenzie did, I suggest you think again.

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WETCAMP_rainy_glastonburyWith this year’s weather getting worse the chance of you getting your tent out is a slim possibility. Maybe it’s time to start organising for next year’s travels.

Your tent’s fine, so you don’t need to buy another one of those. The camping stove is still in good condition, so that can be used again. What about a portable air compressor for your camp bed? Oh!

Well it’s time to get yourself a new one and save the air in your lungs for breathing and not trying to inflate the beds for everyone. There are a new range of high standard air compressors that will make inflating the camp beds effortless and will save you time in the process to spend less time setting up your temporary abode for the week.

The lightweight mini compressors are small, compact and portable which means they are great for easy storage in most types. The new 12v Portable Air Compressor itself has a larger double cylinder which gives it extra power compared to many other air compressors on the market.Air Comp

The convenient little compressor is also fitted with an automatic thermal overload which protects it from overheating. Not only does it do that but it has a gearless direct drive design meaning it is considerably more quiet and more effective compared to most. Compact and clever, perfect!

This new compressor is essential for your camping trip and once you have it, you won’t believe you ever went camping without it. This is just one of a wide range of portable air compressors, so go and check out your new addition to the camping family.

Another bonus is that the compressor doesn’t have to just be used for camping. It has many uses, one of which is tyre inflation which means the tool can be used before you even set off to ensure you have a safer, smoother trip.

Give yourself something to look forward to in the New Year and organise your new adventure.

bouncy_castleIt’s nearly time to celebrate your child’s birthday again, so why not make them the envy of their friends with a bouncy castle?

It is important that your child enjoys their big day, so make sure the bouncy castle is up and stays up for the whole party with a new generator.  Generate the best atmosphere possible for your children and their friends by keeping the smiles on their little faces.

There is a generator for every occasion and it is important to get the one best suited for you and your needs. There are petrol or diesel generators for your bouncy castle and for those that have decided to stay over, there is a digital converter generator so they can keep their home comforts and watch television. With your new generator you have every angle covered.

The generator is a vital tool to any party and can assist with many things around the home or the work place. It can also power your tools too, which can help when you’re trying to make your garden a safer place for all the visitors coming to your child’s celebration. That cracked pavement will be no longer with help from your new generator.

A lot of the generators of today come with less noisy motors and are environmentally friendly, which is great and means your children can play and you don’t have to worry about all those hidden nasties. The lack of noise from your generator is a bonus but if things all go well then the children are likely to drown out that noise anyway.

Right, that’s the entertainment sorted. Off to the supermarket to get the nibbles then.

5.0.2It’s time to organise your New Year’s party!

Alcohol, check. Food, check. Sending invites, check. Gazebo, check. Generator for the lighting in your gazebo … Oh!

Not to worry, there’s still time to complete your party. All you need to worry about is do you have a vegetarian option for Claire.

A concern with generators is often that they are noisy, use too much petrol or diesel and generally look out of place but there is plenty of choice that proves all of these stereotypes wrong.

The 3.2Kva Petrol Generator, for example, has all the qualities you need from your light source. It’s quieter than a normal generator, its portable, it has a steady motor speed and for those green-fingered people, it is also environmentally friendly. A perfect choice then!

If you want a generator that you can use more than just at your New Year celebrations then look no further than the 5.5Kva Silent Diesel Generator. This nifty generator does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s silent, so it won’t down out your flowing conversation or interfere with the big finale of your fireworks. Once you’ve been congratulated on such a good party its back to work. Take the generator with you. This jack-of-all-trades can be used domestically, industrially and on a construction site. The durable generator is also fitted with automatic voltage control which protects the unit and provides higher efficiency and a long running time of up to 12 hours on a full tank.

There is a generator available for every type of event or use, so your party is covered, as is your work needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your generator now to make your party be the talk of all your friends and family.

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We have had hot dry days and some hot wet days and some cold wet days, the hose pipe has been in and out the garage more times than you’ve had an ice-cream this Summer. The weather has been completely unpredictable, hot sun, heavy wet showers, thunderstorms and hail all in one day, followed by wine in the garden watching the gorgeous sunset.

There has to be an easier way then dragging your hosepipe in and out of the garage, the long hose being wrapped around your arm, covering you in mud, grass and water that the hose had dragged up from the garden. Then, when getting the hosepipe out of the garage just one day later, it’s all tied up in a knot again, even though you spent 2hrs ensuring it wouldn’t be.

There must be an easier way?

Well now there is, Warrior Power Products have the solution with their Retractable Water Hose Reels available in 20m or 28m, and bright green in colour.

They save you dragging the long hose pipe across the garden, ripping out plants in its trail, wrapping it around your arm and covering yourself and your clothes in mud, grass, plants and weeds. Also this saves you the 30 minutes at the end of all your gardening week hauling the hose pipe around.

A Retractable Water Hose Reel also helps you to keep your garden looking nice and tidy.

A Retractable Water Hose Reel also keeps your hose pipe from being constantly trampled on, which can cause a lot of damage to the hose in regards to general wear and tear. It also keeps the hose pipe out the way of the great damage that a lawn mower can cause, and it’s safely tucked away from the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

The 20m and 28m Retractable Water Hose Reels are lightweight, offering portable or wall mounted. They are supplied with a spray gun and tape adapter. These ideal retractable water hose reels have the auto stop and auto rewind facility for builders and gardeners alike.

Both Retractable Water Hose Reels offer 6 bar working pressure and 12 bar burst pressure.

Retractable Water Hose Reels should be an essential part of your garden, if you don’t already have one you definitely need one. There is nothing worse than an unsightly giant uncoiled snake ruining your neatly, freshly trimmed garden.

The Retractable Water Hose Reels are not expensive either, with the 20m costing just £37.49 and the 28m just £59.99.

Warrior Power Products have lots of other great garden products and tools, along with power tools, compressors and generators.

Warrior Power Products have some great generators and even greater prices available, both petrol generators and diesel generators. There are advantages and disadvantages of both Diesel Generators and Petrol Generators; first, in this article we will discuss the advantages of a Diesel Generator and then we will continue with the disadvantages of a Diesel Generator. This article will then end with a fantastic Diesel Generator that Warrior Power Products have available, with a huge 33% off.

Diesel is the least flammable fuel source, it is easily obtained and on-site fuel delivery can be available. Diesel Generators tend to be less expensive to operate with the general rule of thumb for fuel consumption being 7% of the rated generator output.

  • Diesel Generator are the most widely used generator systems, they don’t use as much fuel as other types of generators and are highly fuel efficient.
  • Diesel Generators require less maintenance because they do not have spark plugs or carburettors resulting in less need for parts replacements, regular oil changes will ensure that the Diesel Generator runs smoothly.
  • Diesel Generators are a safer option than other generators because they work on a ‘direct injection principle’ cancelling out the need for the spark plug on the engine, therefore less chance of a fire starting.
  • Diesel Generators also have a longer and better shelf life than other generators on the market.

However there are disadvantages to a Diesel Generator and the main disadvantage is that these Diesel Generators tend to be much nosier and give off a lot of smoke; they tend to be harder to get going in colder weather too.

Because of their high energy capacity Diesel Generators tend to be mainly used on industrial applications.

Warrior Power Products have a great range of Diesel Generators available including the 3kva Diesel Generator at just £333.33 before VAT, which currently have 33% off the RRP (recommended retail price).

The 3kva Diesel Generator has a heavy duty industrial frame which provides protection and aids portability, it is ideal for running power tools and lighting units. This item is a powerful and reliable generator which is fitted with maintenance-free brushless alternator and a manual pull start with key start electronic ignition. It’s a smooth running unit fitted with anti-vibration mountings, low oil cut-out feature and fuel gauge.

Warrior Power Products are also offering a free Spanner Set to all customers when they purchase this product (the 3kva Diesel Generator) on line.

Warrior Power Products have three amazing new products that are brand new to their website. They are three versions of the incredible capable hydraulic bottle jack.

The first is the 20 ton professional Hydraulic Bottle Jack which has a lifting capacity of twenty tons and lifts from 242mm to 521mm, available from just £53.99 inc vat.

The second option is the 10 ton Professional Hydraulic Bottle Jack with a ten ton lifting capacity, lifting from 220mm to 483mm for sale through Warrior Power Products at just £39.59 inc vat.

The third option available in the brand new products available from Warrior Power Products is a cheaper version of the previous item. It is a ten ton hydraulic bottle jack costing just £23.99 inc vat, it has a lifting capacity of 10 tonnes and can lift from 230mm to 400mm.

The Warrior Power Products website is constantly updated with new products that Warrior Power Products have available, including diesel generators, petrol generators and air compressors all available at fantastic prices. The new air compressors currently on order are BM-50L, VLF-50L and the BM-24L, details of these products and more can be found on the website.

Warrior Power Products is one of the UK’s suppliers of Ladders, Garden Equipment and Power Products; they have been operating in the Northwest of England since 2008.

All the products available from Warrior Power Products have been purchased directly from the manufacturer to a very high detailed specification, they have stringent production in place along with bulk buying power ensuring that they can offer the most competitively priced products on the market.

Warrior Power Products have so much confidence in the quality of their product range that they offer a two year warranty as standard, on all products purchased on line. Additional one, two and three year warranties are also available when purchasing products from Warrior Power Products.

Why not apply to join the Warrior Power Products newsletter where you can be the first to get the discount codes, to save even more many when buying from Warrior Power Products.